Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers Today 1st April 2021 is Ready

          Hello Friends, You are so much excited, right? Because after submitting all Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers Today you can get a bunch of free super coin from Flipkart, even daily.

          In the new year, you can play Flipkart daily trivia quiz every day. They also launched a new quiz called Flipkart FYI Quiz

         Here we are going to help you by giving correct answers to this quiz. Join Flipkart daily trivia contest answers today 1st April, answer all correct questions, and chance to earn exciting prizes.

         Flipkart’s daily trivia quiz is also called Flipkart daily what trivia Quiz. This quiz in the 1st position of All Flipkart Quiz.

Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers Today

Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers Today

How to play Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Today?

1. At First Download Flipkart App from Play Store

2. Open Flipkart App, then Go to the Games Section from Below Right Corner

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3. Check the Daily trivia Quiz Banner and Click Play Now

4. Before clicking on the Play Now Button Check All Correct Answers from Below to Win.

5. First 50000 player will be awarded. So Don’t lose your chance.

What is the prize of the Flipkart trivia game show?

Gems, Suprcoins & Gift Vouchers.

Date and Time of the Flipkart trivia game show?

Every day 12AM to 11.59PM.

Quiz result?


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Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers Today 1st April

Ans1.- R-Crime Patrol-T

Ans2.- R- Shammi Kapoor-T

Ans3.- R- Stevie Wonder-T

Ans4.- R-Mohammed Rafi-T

Ans5.- R-Larva-T

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Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers Today 31 March

Ans1.- R-Cat-T

Ans2.- R- Vibhishana-T

Ans3.- R- Alphabet-T

Ans4.- R-MAS-T

Ans5.- R-Machine Learning-T

Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers Today 30 March

Ans1.- R-NONE-T

Ans2.- R-Pune-T

Ans3.- R-Fifteen-T

Ans4.- R-Mexico-T

Ans5.- R-Ahmedabad-T

Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers Today 29 March

Ans1.- R-Slytherin-T

Ans2.- R-Tevar-T

Ans3.- R-Bee Gees-T

Ans4.- R-Wilma-T

Ans5.- R-Amar-T

Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers Today 28 March

Ans1.- R-Yeh Jawani Hai Deewni -T

Ans2.- R-Uttar Pradesh-T

Ans3.- R-Sikhism-T

Ans4.- R-Manipur-T

Ans5.- R-Mirabai-T

Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers Today 24 March

Ans1.- R-Holkar -T

Ans2.- R-Spain-T

Ans3.- R-Rugby Alliance-T

Ans4.- R-Bhupen Hazarika-T

Ans5.- R-Theodosius I-T

Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers Today 22 March

Ans1.- R-Xbox-T

Ans2.- R-Commando-T


Ans4.- R-99 ACRE-T

Ans5.- R-Manipuri-T

Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers Today 21 March

Ans1.- R-Zeus-T

Ans2.- R-Wrestling-T

Ans3.- R-Japan-T

Ans4.- R-England-T

Ans5.- R-American Football-T

Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers Today 20 March

Ans1.- R-Chhota Don-T

Ans2.- R-Hello-T

Ans3.- R-Vijay Sethupathi-T

Ans4.- R-Webby Awards-T

Ans5.- R-Scooby Doo-T

Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers Today 19 March

Ans1.- R-5-T

Ans2.- R-Phantom Films-T

Ans3.- R-Rice-T

Ans4.- R-Rishi Atreya-T

Ans5.- R-Scotland-T

Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers Today 18 March

Ans1.- R-Rishabh Pant-T

Ans2.- R-Santos-T

Ans3.- R-Daniel Vettori-T

Ans4.- R-elavenil valarivan-T

Ans5.- R-Scotland-T

Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers Today 17 March

Ans1.- R-Photographer-T

Ans2.- R-Humshakals-T

Ans3.- R-The Revenant-T

Ans4.- R-Sharman Joshi-T

Ans5.- R-Holi Ke Din: Sholay-T

Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers Today 15th March

Ans1.- R-Excel-T

Ans2.- R-Vijay Mallya-T

Ans3.- R-U2-T

Ans4.- R-GitHub-T

Ans5.- R-Herman Melville-T

Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers Today 15th March

Ans1.- R-Golf-T

Ans2.- R-Alastair Cook-T

Ans3.- R-Wriddhiman Saha-T

Ans4.- R-Mohammed Shami-T

Ans5.- R-Norway-T

Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers Today 14th March

Ans1.- R-3 Idiots-T

Ans2.- R-Shreya Ghoshal-T

Ans3.- R-Christopher Nolan-T

Ans4.- R-Dr P. V. Rajamannar-T

Ans5.- R-Begum Jaan-T

Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers Today 13th March


Ans2.- R-BHIMA-T




Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers Today 12th March

Ans1.- R-Chetan Sharma-T

Ans2.- R-Bangladesh-T

Ans3.- R- Yasir Shah-T

Ans4.- R-Naseem Shah-T

Ans5.- R-SG-T

Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers Today 11th March

Ans1.- R-Pokemon-T

Ans2.- R-Batman-T

Ans3.- R-Chak De! India-T

Ans4.- R-Khubsoorat-T

Ans5.- R-The Beatles-T

Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers Today 10th March

Ans1.- R-Raja Ravi Varma-T

Ans2.- R-Dog-T

Ans3.- R-Platinum-T

Ans4.- R-Pankaj Udhas-T

Ans5.- R-Apple-T

Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers Today 9th March

Ans1.- R-Yuvraj Singh-T

Ans2.- R-Delhi Dashers-T

Ans3.- R-Bhubaneswar-T


Ans5.- R-BJ Watling-T

Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers Today 8th March

Ans1.- R-MTV Bakra-T

Ans2.- R-TABLA-T

Ans3.- R-5-T

Ans4.- R-U2-T

Ans5.- R-Manthan-T

Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers Today 7th March

Ans1.- R-France-T

Ans2.- R-Orangutan-T

Ans3.- R-Norman Borlaug-T

Ans4.- R-Nagaland-T

Ans5.- R-New York City-T

Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers Today 6th March

Ans1.- R-Ghana-T

Ans2.- R-Football-T

Ans3.- R-R. Ashwin-T

Ans4.- R-Larry Bird-T

Ans5.- R-Michael Jordan-T

Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers Today 5th March

Ans1.- R-Gandharv-T

Ans2.- R-Mangal Pandey-T

Ans3.- R-Bob Marley-T

Ans4.- R-Jagdeep-T

Ans5.- R-Hrithik Roshan-T

4th March

Ans1.- R-Rajya Sabha-T

Ans2.- R-North-T

Ans3.- R-Muhammad Bin Tughluq-T

Ans4.- R-Seychelles-T

Ans5.- R-Nagaland-T

3rd March

Ans1.- R-Judo-T

Ans2.- R-Mayank Agarwal-T

Ans3.- R-Delhi Capitals-T

Ans4.- R-Three-T

Ans5.- R-Kareem Abdul-Jabbar-T

2nd March

Ans1.- R-Sanjay Dutt-T

Ans2.- R-Pankaj Tripathi-T

Ans3.- R-Colonial Cousins-T

Ans4.- R-B Gates And S Jobs-T

Ans5.- R-Parinda-T

1st March 

Ans1.- R-Cambodia-T

Ans2.- R-Alia Bhatt-T

Ans3.- R-Sun And Earth-T

Ans4.- R-Nirma-T

Ans5.- R-Homby Vellard-T

28 February

Ans1.- R-Rohit Sharma-T

Ans2.- R-Indira Gandhi -T

Ans3.- R-Jaipur-T

Ans4.- R-Indian Army-T

Ans5.- R-Ajinkya Rahane-T

27 February

Ans1.- R-Raazi-T

Ans2.- R-Zyada-T

Ans3.- R-Maachis-T

Ans4.- R-Shawshank Redemption-T

Ans5.- R-Rahat Fateh Ali Khan-T

26 February

Ans1.- R-Facebook -T

Ans2.- R-Root-T

Ans3.- R-Germany-T

Ans4.- R-Birbal-T

Ans5.- R-Finder-T

25 February

Ans1.- R-Ritu Phogat -T

Ans2.- R-CK Nayudu-T

Ans3.- R-Dushanbe-T

Ans4.- R-Rajat Sharma-T

Ans5.- R-Kings XI Punjab-T

24 February

Ans1.- R-Little things -T

Ans2.- R-Bob Dylan-T

Ans3.- R-Lawyer-T

Ans4.- R-Kabir Luthra Major-T

Ans5.- R-Taapsee pannu-T

23 February

Ans1.- R-Sanskrit -T

Ans2.- R-Company Painting-T

Ans3.- R-Malgudi-T

Ans4.- R-Machu Picchu-T

Ans5.- R-India-T

22 February

Ans1.- R-World Athletics-T

Ans2.- R-Japan-T

Ans3.- R-Gwalior-T

Ans4.- R-Chris Lynn-T

Ans5.- R-Maratha Arabiar-T

21 February

Ans1.- R-Uday Bhai-T

Ans2.- R-Amitabh Bachchan-T

Ans3.- R-Radio Jockey-T

Ans4.- R-Jay-Z-T

Ans5.- R-Sholay-T

20 February

Ans1.- R-Sharad Bobde-T

Ans2.- R-Wok-T

Ans3.- R-Lingaraj Temple-T

Ans4.- R-Sikkim-T

Ans5.- R-B.C. Roy-T

19 February

Ans1.- R-Pink-T

Ans2.- R-UAE-T

Ans3.- R-Kazakhstan-T

Ans4.- R-Uruguay-T

Ans5.- R-Brazil-T

18 February

Ans1.- R-Ryan Reynolds-T

Ans2.- R-Stephen King-T

Ans3.- R-Veeru-T

Ans4.- R-Sushant Singh Rajput-T

Ans5.- R-Producer-T

17 February

Ans1.- R-H. D. Deve Gowda-T

Ans2.- R-Nicobar Islands-T

Ans3.- R-Sitar-T

Ans4.- R-Watch-T

Ans5.- R-Banoffee Pie-T

16 February

Ans1.- R-Fed Cup-T

Ans2.- R-Diego Maradona-T

Ans3.- R-Kapil Dev-T

Ans4.- R-Sixty-T

Ans5.- R-Talimeren Ao-T

Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers Today 15 February

Ans1.- R-Farah Ki Dawat-T

Ans2.- R-Shizuka-T

Ans3.- R-Freida Pinto-T

Ans4.- R-Sridevi-T

Ans5.- R-Shaktimaan-T

15 February

Ans1.- R-Australia-T

Ans2.- R-Genesis -T

Ans3.- R-Time-T

Ans4.- R-Brazil-T

Ans5.- R-Three-T


13 February

Ans1.- R-Gautam Gambhir-T

Ans2.- R-AB De Villiers-T

Ans3.- R-Salt Lake Stadium-T

Ans4.- R-Sachin Nag-T

Ans5.- R-Yachting-T

12 February

Ans1.- R-Mission Impossible-T

Ans2.- R-Nirvana-T

Ans3.- R-Border-T

Ans4.- R-Lage Raho Munna Bhai-T

Ans5.- R-Homer Simpson-T

11 February

Ans1.- R-Krishna-T

Ans2.- R-Gurudongmar-T

Ans3.- R-ONGC-T

Ans4.- R-Unilever-T

Ans5.- R-Denmark-T

10 February

Ans1.- R-Mohun Bagan-T

Ans2.- R-Umpires-T

Ans3.- R-Karnam Malleshwari-T

Ans4.- R-Mihir Sen-T

Ans5.- R-Shane Warne-T

9 February

Ans1.- R-Vikas Swarup-T

Ans2.- R-Mughal-E-Azam-T

Ans3.- R-Jurassic Park-T

Ans4.- R-Asha Bhosle-T

Ans5.- R-Yoda-T


 8 February

Ans1.- R-Barbie-T

Ans2.- R-Chitrakote-T

Ans3.- R-Footballer-T

Ans4.- R-Ireland-T

Ans5.- R-Thor: Ragnarok-T

 7 February

Ans1.- R-Chuni Goswami-T

Ans2.- R-Viswanathan Anand-T

Ans3.- R-John Isner-T

Ans4.- R-Football-T

Ans5.- R-ICC-T

 6 February

Ans1.- R-Aamir Khan-T

Ans2.- R-Shatrugan Sinha-T

Ans3.- R-Friends-T

Ans4.- R-Salman Khan-T

Ans5.- R-Thirteen Days-T

 5 February

Ans1.- R-Microwave Oven-T

Ans2.- R-Chandrani Murmu-T

Ans3.- R-Simaria-T

Ans4.- R-Bajaj-T

Ans5.- R-Odisha-T

4 February

Ans1.- R-Arjuna Award-T

Ans2.- R-India-T

Ans3.- R-Javelin Throw-T

Ans4.- R-Virender Sehwag-T

Ans5.- R-Beijing-T

3 February

Ans1.- R-Randeep Hooda-T

Ans2.- R-Paresh Rawal-T

Ans3.- R-Tom Cruise-T

Ans4.- R-Bruno Mars-T

Ans5.- R-Poonam Dhillon-T

 2 February

Ans1.- R-Eyebrows-T

Ans2.- R-Miles-T

Ans3.- R-Singapore-T

Ans4.- R-Kilo-Girls-T

Ans5.- R-Sony-T

 1 February

Ans1.- R-Seven-T

Ans2.- R-Manipur-T

Ans3.- R-Russia-T

Ans4.- R-10 Metre Air Rifle-T

Ans5.- R-Blue Cross-T


         To take part in the Test competition you have to do/fulfill the following: Must be 18 years of age or older;

         You must have a valid account on the platform and log in to the Flipkart mobile application using the same. As part of this contest, you must answer a simple question that will prompt you to click the quiz banner on the Game Zone page during the Flipkart application. You need to select the answer to the question requested in your quiz. Subsequent responses from the same account ID are invalid. The user can only take the survey once and receive the prize.

        There will be a quiz every day.

        The winners will be announced within 15 days from the date of participation in the Zone Game Zone and the prizes will be awarded within 30 days of the announcement of the winner and you can check it in their gems/wallet section.



         This competition is only valid in India.

         The competition is open only to customers, not to resellers of products.

         Fl Instead of Flipkart the prize will not be settled with cash and will not be transferable.

         Flipkart reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to terminate, withdraw, suspend, amend, extend, modify, add or remove parts of this Contest at any time without prior written notice from Flipkart or the seller.

         Participants are not obliged to participate in this contest in any way. Any partnership is voluntary, and the competition is being conducted on the basis of a perfect effort.

         Flipkart reserves the right at its sole discretion

         Disqualify you from the benefits of this contest if any fraudulent activity is identified for the purpose of gaining benefits under the said contest.


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