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Amazon Today Quiz Answer for 20 May 2021



How to play Amazon Today Quiz?

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 2. Now Login or Create A New Account


 3. Open This (Link) to Open Quiz Banner Page, if The Link Not Work to You Then Open Amazon App Home Page and Search ‘Quiz’, then click Fun Zone Banner to See The Quiz Banner

Amazon Today Quiz Answer


 4. Now Choose the Amazon Today Quiz to Answer.


 5. There will Be just five questions and you have got to Correct all of these. Check Correct answers from below.

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Amazon Quiz 20 May 2021

Prize – 20,000

Question 1) Which Of These Phrases Can You Use On Alexa To Move To The Funzone Page?

Answer is R-Show Me Fun Zone PageT

Question 2) This Day Was First Celebrated On May 10, 1998 In Mumbai. Arranged By Dr Madan Kataria, Name This Day Celebrated On The 1st Sunday Of May

Answer is R-World Laughter Day-T

Question 3) Isamu Akasaki, The Japanese Engineer Who Passed Away Recently, Won The Nobel Prize In Physics For Inventing What?

Answer is R-Blue LEDT

Question 4) In April 2021, Which Of These Was Formally Closed By The Indian Army After 132 Years Of Service?

Answer is R-Military FarmsT

Question 5)  Men First Wore These To Ride What Animal?

Answer is R-HorsesT

Question 6)  What Does This Color Not Usually Represent?

Answer is R-JealousyT

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Amazon Quiz 1st April 2021

Prize – 15,000

Question 1) Kalanamak Rice, Cultivated Since The Buddhist Period, Comes From Which Indian State?

Answer is R-Uttar PradeshT

Question 2) What Rare Mineral With Links To Mars Has Recently Been Found In The Deep Ice Core Of The White Continent Antarctica?

Answer is R-Jarosite-T

Question 3) Which Of These Countries Recently Opened Military Recruitment To Women?

Answer is R-Saudi ArabiaT

Question 4) What Is The White Ball Called In This Sport?

Answer is R-Cue BallT

Question 5)  The Name Of This, Is Also The Name Of An Aircraft In Which Of These Airlines?

Answer is R-SpicejetT

Amazon Quiz 31 March 2021

Prize – 20,000

Question 1) Stories I Must Tell: The Emotional Journey of an Actor’ is a memoir by which actor?

Answer is R-Kabir BediT

Question 2) Space Enterprise Encouragement & Development (SEED) is a new initiative by which Indian organisation?

Answer is R-ISRO-T

Question 3) Which singer’s debut single “Drivers License” broke the Spotify record for the most streams for a song in its first week?

Answer is R-Olivia RodrigoT

Question 4) The method of preparing coffee so as to produce these beautiful patterns is known as what?

Answer is R-Latte ArtT

Question 5)  Where will you find these Twin Towers?

Answer is R-Kuala LampurT

Amazon Quiz 30 March 2021

Prize – 20,000

Question 1)  Which Organisation Was Created In 2000 To Improve Access To New And Underused Vaccines For Children Living In The World’s Poorest Countries?

Answer is R-GaviT

Question 2) The Samyukta Kisan Morcha Recently Celebrated February 23 As What In Memory Of A 1907 Movement Started By Sardar Ajit Singh?

Answer is R-Pagri Sambhal Diwas-T

Question 3) What’s The Name Of The Plastic Card With Alphanumeric Codes, That The US President Carries With Him All The Time?

Answer is R– BiscuitT

Question 4) Name This Classic Video Game That Required You To Eat All The Dots Throughout The Game?

Answer is R-Pac ManT

Question 5)  Which Of These Countries Is This Animal Native To?

Answer is R-AustraliaT

Amazon Quiz 29 March 2021

Prize – 5000

Question 1)  The Recently Released Book ‘Maverick Messiah’ Is The Political Biography Of Which Former Indian Chief Minister?

Answer is R-NT Rama RaoT

Question 2) On 12th February 2021, Tetsushi Sakamoto Was Appointed As The Japanese Minister Of What?

Answer is R-Loneliness-T

Question 3) What Is INS Karanj, Recently Commissoned By The Indian Navy?

Answer is R-SubmarineT

Question 4) When Was This Iconic Perfume Launched?

Answer is R-AlexaT

Question 5) Which Of These Is A Sports Franchise Located In This Capital City?

Answer is R-All Of TheseT

Amazon Quiz 28 March 2021


Question 1) Pakistan Intends To GI Tag What Product, That Is Produced In The Potohar Plateau, To Prevent Its Unauthorised Use By Other Countries?

Answer is R-Himalayan Pink SaltT

Question 2) In February 2021, Who Became India’s First WTA Champion Since Sania Mirza, When She Won A Doubles Title At The Phillip Island Trophy?

Answer is R-Ankita Raina-T

Question 3) Which Company Recently Supplied The 100th K-9 Vajra Howitzer To The Indian Army?

Answer is R-L&TT

Question 4) When Was This Iconic Perfume Launched?

Answer is R-1921T

Question 5) How Many Cards Are There In The Deck Of This Fast Paced Card Game?

Answer is R-112T

Amazon Quiz 27 March 2021

Prize – 20,000

Question 1) India’s First Digital University Was Recently Inaugurated In Which State?

Answer is R-KeralaT

Question 2) Which Indian City Is Served By Maryada Purushottam Sriram Airport?

Answer is R-Ayodhya-T

Question 3) Which Actor Has Recently Been Felicitated With The Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival Award For The Most Versatile Actor?

Answer is R-Kay Kay MenonT

Question 4) Name This City, Which Has A Famous Football Club Named After A Greek Hero?

Answer is R-AmsterdamT

Question 5) In Which Country Was This Beauty Related Item First Discovered?

Answer is R-ChinaT


Amazon Quiz 24 March 2021

Prize – 10,000

Question 1) Dhubri-Phulbari Bridge,…Which Other State?

Answer is R-MeghalayaT

Question 2) Giorgi Gakharia Served As The Prime Minister Of Which Country From 8 September 2019 To 18 February 2021?

Answer is R-Georgia-T

Question 3) Which Car Company Has Launched A Transformer-Like Robocar Dubbed As TIGER X-1?

Answer is R-HyundaiT

Question 4) What Are These Fruits Called After They Are Dried Naturally In The Sun Without Undergoing Any Fermentation Process?

Answer is R-PrunesT

Question 5) Which Of These Following Brands Have This Object In Its Logo?

Answer is R-RolexT

Amazon Quiz 23 March 2021

Prize – 10,000

Question 1) Which Of These Apps Recently Rolled Out The Voice DM Feature In India?

Answer is R-TwitterT

Question 2) In India, Leatherback Turtles Nest Mainly In Which State Or Union Territory?

Answer is R-Andaman And Nicobar Islands-T

Question 3) Which Association Would Be Launching The World Solar Bank At COP 26, United Nations Climate Change Conference?

Answer is R-ISAT

Question 4) This Dish Originates In Which Country, Where The Practice Of Rolling Tortillas Around Other Food Dates Back To Aztec Times?

Answer is R-MexicoT

Question 5) In Thor Ragnarok, This Character Turns Back Into Bruce Banner, By Seeing An Old Video Of Which Avenger?

Answer is R-Black WidowT

Amazon Quiz 21 March 2021

Prize – Samsung Smart Tv

Question 1) Honda Motorcycle And Scooter India Has Completed 20 Years In India. Which Was Their Model Which Hit The Indian Market In 2001?

Answer is R-ActivaT

Question 2) Which Of These Actors Was Given The Critics Choice Award At The Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival Awards 2021?

Answer is R-Sushant Singh Rajput-T

Question 3) Which Tennis Grand Slam Is Played On This Surface?

Answer is R-The French OpenT

Question 4) What Is This Musical Instrument Called?

Answer is R-BanjoT

Question 5) What Is The Official Name Of This Tower Located In London?

Answer is R-Elizabeth TowerT

Amazon Quiz 20 March 2021

Prize – Godrej Split AC

Question 1) Which Company Has The ‘Vriddhi Supplier Development Program’ That Aims To Empower Around 50,000 MSME’s For Growth?

Answer is R-WalmartT

Question 2) The Russian Direct Investment Fund Has Recently Announced That Which Vaccine Is Now Registered In 37 Countries?

Answer is R-Sputnik V-T

Question 3) In Which Disney Movie Do We See This Talking Snowman?

Answer is R-FrozenT

Question 4) Which Book Written By This US President, Was Released In The Year 2020?

Answer is R-A Promised LandT

Question 5) What Do You Call The Person Who Serves And Prepares This Beverage?

Answer is R-United KingdomT

Amazon Quiz 19 March 2021

Prize – 5000

Question 1) Hoshangabad In Madhya Pradesh, Would Be Renamed As What, A Name To Honour A Famous River In India?

Answer is R-NarmadapuramT

Question 2) The 2021 Australian Open Women’s Singles Title Was Naomi Osaka’s ___ Grand Slam Singles Title. Fill In The Blanks

Answer is R-4th-T

Question 3) This Actor Turned 40 On 25th February 2021, He Won A Filmfare Award For Best Debut For The Movie Ishq Vishk. Name Him

Answer is R-Shahid KapoorT

Question 4) Name This Famous Waterfall Located In North America

Answer is R-Niagara FallsT

Question 5) This Is One Of The Most Famous Landmarks In Which Country?

Answer is R-United KingdomT

Amazon Quiz 18 March 2021

Prize – Emporio Armani Watch

Question 1) With An Aim To Create Digital Infrastructure For Indian Cities, The Government Has Recently Launched The NUDM. Expand NUDM

Answer is R-National Urban Digital MissionT

Question 2) The TGR63 Molecule Developed By The Jawaharlal Nehru Centre For Advanced Scientific Research Is A Potential Drug For What?

Answer is R-Alzheimer’s Disease-T

Question 3) Which Indian Company Has Recently Raised $1.25 Billion Through Issuance Of Debt Instruments?

Answer is R-Bharti AirtelT

Question 4) Name The Car From This Brand That Went To Space

Answer is R-RoadsterT

Question 5) Apart From God, And His Son Jesus, How Many Fingers Do The Rest Of These Characters Have In The TV Show?

Answer is R-4T

Amazon Quiz 17 March 2021

Prize – 10,000

Question 1) The Jal Shakti Ministry Has Recently Announced That 12 Iconic Sites Including Ajanta Caves & Sanchi Stupa Would Be Transformed Into What?

Answer is R-Swachh Tourist DestinationsT

Question 2) With KV Vijayendra Prasad Of Baahubali Fame As The Writer, Which Of These Is Director Alaukik Desai’s Latest Project?

Answer is R-Sita: The Incarnation-T

Question 3) Which Company Is Recalling Close To 82,000 Electric Vehicles Globally After 15 Reports Of Fire, Involving The Vehicles?

Answer is R-HyundaiT

Question 4) What Is The Currency Of This Country?

Answer is R-KroneT

Question 5) This Animal, The State Animal Of Himachal Pradesh, Is Also The National Animal Of Which Of These Countries?

Answer is R-AfghanistanT

Amazon Quiz 16 March 2021

Prize – Marshall Speaker

Question 1) The Newly Named Narendra Modi Stadium In Ahmedabad Is Located In A Sports Enclave Named After Whom?

Answer is R-Sardar Vallabhbhai PatelT

Question 2) Which Of These Countries Has Assumed The BRICS Chairmanship For The Year 2021?

Answer is R-India-T

Question 3) As Per An Announcement, The First Undersea Tunnel In India Is Being Built As Part Of The ______ Coastal Road Project. Fill In The Blanks

Answer is R-MumbaiT

Question 4) These Beautiful Visuals Can Be Seen In Which Country That Has Male As Its Capital?

Answer is R-MaldivesT

Question 5) What Is This Type Of Fish Called?

Answer is R-ClownfishT

Amazon Quiz Answer for 15th March 2021

Prize – 10000

Question 1) The 2021 Australian Open Men’s Singles Final Featured Players From Which Countries?

Answer is R-Russia And SerbiaT

Question 2) February 29th, 1896 Is The Birthday Of Which Former Indian Prime Minister Who Was In Office For A Bit More Than 2 Years?

Answer is R-Morarji Desai-T

Question 3) The Upcoming Bollywood Movie ‘Pathan’ Featuring Shahrukh Khan, Has An Extended Cameo From Which Of These Actors?

Answer is R-Salman KhanT

Question 4) Which Action Sport Is Being Performed By The Man In This Photo?

Answer is R– SkateboardingT

Question 5) The Process Of Adding Design To This Drink After It Has Been Poured Is Called What?

Answer is R-EtchingT

Amazon Quiz Answer for 14th March 2021

Prize – iPhone 12

Question 1) Who Took A Total Of 11 Wickets In The Second Pink Ball Test Ever To Be Played In India?

Answer is R-Axar PatelT

Question 2) The Westminister Magistrates’ Court In Which City Cleared The Extradition Of Nirav Modi To India?

Answer is R-London-T

Question 3) Founders Day Is Celebrated By Scouts All Over The World On 22nd February On Whose Birthday?

Answer is R-Lord Baden- PowellT

Question 4) Who Usually Played The Rhythm Technique On This Instrument In The Beatles?

Answer is R– John LennonT

Question 5) This Kind Of Statue Of A Woman Is Often Found In Courthouses In Order To Represent What?

Answer is R-JusticeT

Amazon Quiz Answer for 13th March 2021

Prize – 5000

Question 1) Which Country Is India Helping To Build The Shahtoot Dam?

Answer is R-AfghanistanT

Question 2) Which Australian Cricketer Recently Won His Third Allan Border Medal?

Answer is R-Steve Smith-T

Question 3) To Which Animal Is The Current Year (2021) Dedicated, According To The Chinese Calendar?

Answer is R-OxT

Question 4) What Is This Japanese Dish Traditionally Wrapped In?

Answer is R-SeaweedT

Question 5) Which Of The Following Car Brands Does NOT Belong To This Company?

Answer is R-DodgeT

Amazon Quiz Answer for 12th March 2021

Prize – 15000

Question 1) Robert Irwin Has Been Awarded The Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer Of The Year Award 2020 For His Drone Image Of What?

Answer is R-Bushfire In Northern AustraliaT

Question 2) Al-Amal Is The First Ever Uncrewed Space Exploration Mission To Mars By Which Country?

Answer is R-UAE-T

Question 3) In January 2021, Who Became The Second Indian Captain And Asian Skipper To Win A Test Series In Australia?

Answer is R-Ajinkya RahaneT

Question 4) How Many Phases Are There Of This Satellite?

Answer is R-8T

Question 5) Which Horoscope Sign Is Associated With This Sea Creature?

Answer is R-CancerT

Amazon Quiz Answer for 11th March 2021

Prize – JBL Earphone

Question 1) Discovered In Madagascar, Brookesia Nana, Measuring Approx 21.6 Mm Is Probably The World’s Smallest Adult Reptile. But What Is It Exactly?

Answer is R– A ChameleonT

Question 2) How Do We Better Know The Biggest Game In American Football, The Final Of The National Football League?

Answer is R-Super Bowl-T

Question 3) The India Meteorological Department Is All Set To Establish The Country’s First Thunderstorm Research Testbed In Which Indian State?

Answer is R-OdishaT

Question 4) Which Country Produces The Most Amount Of These Beans In The World?

Answer is R-BrazilT

Question 5) A Group Of This Animal Belonging To The Felidae Family Is Known As What?

Answer is R-PrideT

Amazon Quiz Answer for 10th March 2021

Prize – 20000

Question 1) Which Film Recently Became The First Tamil Film To Win The Coveted Tiger Award At Rotterdam Film Festival 2021?

Answer is R-KoozhangalT

Question 2) Which Of These Is A “Micro-Blogging Platform” Developed In India By Aprameya Radhakrishna, Promoted As An Alternative To Twitter?

Answer is R-KooT

Question 3) Which Cricketer Recently Became The First Player In History To Score A Double Century In His 100th Test Match?

Answer is R-Joe RootT

Question 4) What Is The Name Of This Magical Weapon Used By A Character From Marvel Comics?

Answer is R-MjolnirT

Question 5) Which Email Service Is Owned By This American Corporation?

Answer is R-HotmailT

Amazon Quiz Answer for 9th March 2021

Prize – 5000

Question 1) In February 2021, A Portion Of Which Glacier Broke Off And Caused The Flooding Of The Dhauliganga River?

Answer is R-Nanda Devi GlacierT

Question 2) The Square Kilometre Array Is An Intergovernmental Project To Build The World’s Largest What?

Answer is R-Radio TelescopeT

Question 3) Yudh Abhyas’ That Recently Took Place In Rajasthan, Is A Joint Military Exercise Between India And Which Country?

Answer is R-USAT

Question 4) What Was The Middle Name Of This Famous Singer?

Answer is R-JosephT

Question 5) Which Of The Following Is Not There In The Four Corners Of This Board Game?

Answer is R-RailroadT


Amazon Quiz Answer for 8th March 2021

Prize – 5000

Question 1) Rishiganga Hydroelectric Project, In News Recently, Is Located In Which Indian State?

Answer is R-UttarakhandT

Question 2) Which Country Recently Unveiled A Plan To Build The World’s Largest Offshore Wind Power Plant By 2030?

Answer is R-South KoreaT

Question 3) Ayesha Aziz From Kashmir Recently Became India’s Youngest Woman To Become What, At The Age Of 25?

Answer is R-PilotT

Question 4) With Which Of These Scientists, Would You Associate The Invention Of This Device?

Answer is R-Emile BerlinerT

Question 5) Name This Iconic Landmark Situated In Australia?

Answer is R-Sydney Harbour BridgeT

Amazon Quiz Answer for 7th March 2021

Prize – OnePlus Tv

Question 1) The World Sustainable Development Summit (WSDS) Is The Annual Flagship Event Of Which Organisation In India?

Answer is R-TERIT

Question 2) Recently India Celebrated The Birth Centenary Of Which Legendary Vocalist Hailed As A Modern Day Tansen?

Answer is R-Pandit Bhimsen JoshiT

Question 3) What Is The Name Of The World’s First All-Civilian Astronaut Mission Annouced By SpaceX?

Answer is R-Inspiration4T

Question 4) What Is The Full Name Of This Fashion Doll Introduced In 1959 By The American Toy Company Mattel, Inc?

Answer is R-Barbara Millicent RobertsT

Question 5) How Many Players Per Team Are There In This Competitive Sport Played In Water?

Answer is R-7T

Amazon Quiz Answer for 6th March 2021

Prize – 10000

Question 1) What Word Has Been Named By Oxford Languages As Its Hindi Word Of The Year 2020?

Answer is R-AatmanirbhartaT

Question 2) The Tradition Of What Is Known To Have Begun In Raghurajpur, A Heritage Cloth Crafts Village In Odisha?

Answer is R-PattachitraT

Question 3) Which High-Profile Google Project, Aiming To Deliver Wireless Internet Via Flying Balloons In The Stratosphere, Recently Got Shut Down?

Answer is R-Project LoonT

Question 4) This Phone Belongs To The Biggest Technology Company Of Which Country?

Answer is R-South KoreaT

Question 5) Which Of The Following Facts Are NOT True About This Bird?

Answer is R-Cannot Fly BackwardsT

Amazon Quiz Answer for 5th March 2021

Prize – 20000

Question 1) At The 2021 Republic Day Parade, Which State’s Tableau Showcased It’s Folk Music Produced By Dhankul, Tori & Turahi?

Answer is R-ChhattisgarhT

Question 2) Which Company Manufactures The Tejas Light Combat Aircraft?

Answer is R-HALT

Question 3) National Innovation Foundation Is An Autonomous Body Under Which Department Of Government Of India?

Answer is R-Department Of Science And TechnologyT

Question 4) Which Of These US Presidents Banned This Item From The Oval Office?

Answer is R-George W. BushT

Question 5) Who Is Claimed To Be The Inventor Of This Object, And Also Produced A 15 Minute Horror Movie Of Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein In 1910?

Answer is R-Thomas EdisonT

Amazon Quiz Answer for 4th March 2021

Prize – Bose Soundbar

Question 1) The Bird ‘Monal’, The Animal ‘Kasturi Mrig’ And The Flower ‘BrahmaKamal’ – All Featured On The 2021 Republic Day Tableau Of Which State?

Answer is R-UttarakhandT

Question 2) MINUSMA Is A Peacekeeping Mission By The UN In Which Country?

Answer is R-MaliT

Question 3) What Is ‘Rakshita’ Developed By DRDO For CRPF?

Answer is R-Bike AmbulanceT

Question 4) What Do You Call A Group Of This Animal?

Answer is R-AmbushT

Question 5) What Is Celebrated The Day After This Festival?

Answer is R-Boxing DayT

Amazon Quiz Answer for 3rd March 2021

Prize – JBL Earbuds

Question 1) Agnes Keleti, who recently celebrated her 100th birthday, is considered the world’s oldest surviving what?

Answer is R-Olympic championT

Question 2) Which country was the country of focus at the 51st International Film Festival of India, Goa?

Answer is R-BangladeshT

Question 3) The 2021 Republic Day tableau of which state/UT featured the Indian Astronomical Observatory located in Hanle?

Answer is R-LadakhT

Question 4) In which category did this famous musician win the Nobel Prize in 2016?

Answer is R-LiteratureT

Question 5) Which of the following is a feature of this website?

Answer is R-RepinningT

2nd March 2021

Prize – JBL Earbuds

Question 1) Which of these events, addressed by PM Narendra Modi, is celebrated every year from January 12 to 16?

Answer is R-National Youth Parliament FestivalT

Question 2) Vishwa Hindi Divas is celebrated on January 10 to commemorate the anniversary of the first World Hindi Conference held in which city?

Answer is R-NagpurT

Question 3) The 2021 Republic Day tableau from which of these departments depicted the process of COVID-19 Vaccine development?

Answer is R-Department of BiotechnologyT

Question 4) This fruit is native to which country?

Answer is R-ChinaT

Question 5) What kind of doctors specialise in the study of this vital organ?

Answer is R-CardiologistT

1st March 2021

Prize – 10,000

Question 1) Sri Rakab Ganj Sahib, that featured on the Punjab tableau at the 2021 Republic Day parade, was the site of the cremation for which Guru?

Answer is R-Guru Tegh BahadurT

Question 2) Which country got badly affected by the storm Filomena, which unleashed the heaviest snowfall on the Iberian peninsula in 50 years?

Answer is R-SpainT

Question 3) Recently released book ‘Gazing Eastwards’ is a lively and arresting account of which historian’s first visit to China in 1957?

Answer is R-Romila ThaparT

Question 4) Prior to changing in 1894, what type of ball was used to play this sport?

Answer is R-A soccer ballT

Question 5) Louis and Lola were what kind of animals owned by this famous American singer?

Answer is R-LlamaT

27 February 2021

Prize – Samsung Smart Tv 43″

Question 1) Joyshree Das Verma has recently been appointed as the Honorary Consul in North-East India by which foreign country?

Answer is R-IsraelT

Question 2) Which architectural marvel featured on the Gujarat tableau at the 2021 Republic Day parade?

Answer is R-Sun Temple at ModheraT

Question 3) What was the name given to the Startup India International Summit organised in January 2021?

Answer is R-PrarambhT

Question 4) Which vitamin will you not find in this food item?

Answer is R-Vitamin CT

Question 5) By which of the following names can you refer to this symbol?

Answer is R-OctothorpeT

27 February 2021

Prize – 20000

Question 1) Which Union Territory presented its tableau for the first time ever at the 2021 Republic Day parade?

Answer is R-LadakhT

Question 2) What type of vessel is Sagar Anveshika, that was recently launched by Union Minister for Earth Sciences Harsh Vardhan?

Answer is R-Coastal research vesselT

Question 3) Satya Paul, who recently passed away, was a well known entrepreneur in which field?

Answer is R-FashionT

Question 4) What is the term given for three consecutive strikes in this target sport?

Answer is R-A TurkeyT

Question 5) Apart from this artist, which other artist has also won three Grammys for the album of the year?

Answer is R-Stevie WonderT

26 February 2021

Prize – Phillips Air Fryer

Question 1) In March 2021, Govt. of India plans to sell what in the 700, 800, 900, 1,800, 2,100, 2,300, and 2,500 MHz frequency bands?

Answer is R-Spectrum for 4GT

Question 2) Complete the title of the book recently released by Ravi Shastri: “India’s 71-Year Test: The Journey to Triumph in ___”?

Answer is R-AustraliaT

Question 3) Marking 50 years of the 1971 war, a 122-member contingent of which country’s Armed Forces participated in the 2021 Republic Day parade?

Answer is R-BangladeshT

Question 4) In the version of the sport titled ‘League’, how many players are there in each team?

Answer is R-13T

Question 5) What is the chemical formula for this common condiment?

Answer is R-NaClT

25 February 2021

Prize – Sony DSLR

Question 1) A massive forest fire recently occured at the Dzukou Valley, located at the border of which two Indian states?

Answer is R-Nagaland-ManipurT

Question 2) Which artist’s portrait “Young Man Holding a Roundel” recently sold for $92.2 million at a Sotheby’s auction?

Answer is R-Sandro BotticelliT

Question 3) What’s the name of the Declaration on Seafarer Wellbeing and Crew Change’, recently released by the global maritime industry?

Answer is R-Neptune DeclarationT

Question 4) What was the hiding place of this German-Dutch diarist of Jewish heritage?

Answer is R-AmsterdamT

Question 5) Which piece in this board game can only move diagonally?

Answer is R-BishopT

24 February 2021

Prize – 5000

Question 1) Celebrating its 125th anniversary this year, Prabuddha Bharata is a monthly journal initiated by which famous Indian in 1896?

Answer is R-Swami VivekanandaT

Question 2) Which ground will host the final of the inaugural ICC World Test Championship?

Answer is R-Lord’sT

Question 3) Currently in news, the Davos Dialogue is associated with which organisation?

Answer is R-World Economic ForumT

Question 4) Which play by this English playwright is the longest?

Answer is R-HamletT

Question 5) This famous portrait was originally called as what in Italy?

Answer is R-La GiocondaT

23 February 2021

Prize – Echo Studio

Question 1) Which country recently connected its Hualong One nuclear reactor to the power grid?

Answer is R-ChinaT

Question 2) Amrut Mahotsav’ is the name given to what upcoming celebration?

Answer is R-75th Anniversary of Indian IndependenceT

Question 3) Paul J. Crutzen, a Dutch atmospheric chemist who recently passed away, won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for predicting what?

Answer is R-Ozone HolesT

Question 4) The original classic version of this world’s best-selling toy does not feature which of the following colours?

Answer is R-BlackT

Question 5) Often made of plastic or metal, what is the tiny piece at the end of this cord called?

Answer is R-An AgletT

22 February 2021

Prize – 20000

Question 1) Which company has become the country’s first telecom company to successfully demonstrate and orchestrate live 5G service?

Answer is R-AirtelT

Question 2) In which country is the Mount Merapi volcano located?

Answer is R-IndonesiaT

Question 3) Black Ops Cold War’ is the lastest release from which iconic game franchise?

Answer is R-Call of DutyT

Question 4) What children’s nursery rhyme with this object in its title is thought to be, by one interpretation, about the Black Death in Europe?

Answer is R-Ring a Ring o’ RosesT

Question 5) Which country consumes this food the most per capita?

Answer is R-SwitzerlandT

21 February 2021

Prize – Oneplus TV

Question 1) The UP government launched a series of centenary celebrations through February 4, 2022 in all 75 districts of the state to commemorate what?

Answer is R-Chauri Chaura incidentT

Question 2) Andy Jassy is set to become the next CEO of which global tech behemoth?

Answer is R-Eden GardensT

Question 3) In which neighbouring country did military seize power in February 2021, declaring a state of emergency for 1 year?

Answer is R-MyanmarT

Question 4) According to the nursery rhyme, how many full bags of wool does this colour sheep have?

Answer is R-HamletT

Question 5) Which of the following terms is not associated with this geographical feature?

Answer is R-CurrentT

20 February 2021

Prize – Huami Smart watch

Question 1) Which premier first-class domestic tournament got cancelled for the first time in 87 years?

Answer is R-Ranji TrophyT

Question 2) Gold Demand Trends’ is a report released by which organisation?

Answer is R-World Gold CouncilT

Question 3) Which country has recently developed a futuristic ‘floating’ train that can hit the speeds of 620 km per hour?

Answer is R-ChinaT

Question 4) This candy bar was named “The Most Influential Candy Bar” by which magazine?

Answer is R-TIMET

Question 5) This fruit does not occur naturally, but is rather a hybrid of the mandarin and which other fruit, also known as the ‘Chinese Grapefruit’?

Answer is R-PomeloT


19 February 2021

Prize – 15,000

Question 1) What is the name of the initiative launched by India to gift COVID-19 vaccines to neighbouring countries?

Answer is R-Vaccine MaitriT

Question 2) Which Indian Air Force jet performed the spectacular Charlie manoeuvre at the 2021 Republic Day Parade?

Answer is R-RafaleT

Question 3) According to this app’s website, whistleblower and privacy advocate Edward Snowden uses it everyday. Which messaging app?

Answer is R-SignalT

Question 4) Which French queen is associated with a quote about this food, though it is not proven to be true?

Answer is R-Marie-AntoinetteT

Question 5) What is this flower that is still offered to fallen soldiers because it symbolizes eternal sleep and resurrection?

Answer is R-PoppyT


18 February 2021

Prize – Armani Watch

Question 1) Cornwall, chosen as the venue of the G7 summit 2021, is located in which country?

Answer is R-UKT

Question 2) Which of these is one of the costliest mushrooms in the world that grows in Jammu and Kashmir’s Doda district?

Answer is R-GucchiT

Question 3) James Naismith, recently featured in a Google Doodle, was the inventor of which game?

Answer is R-BasketballT

Question 4) The mascot of which fast-food restaurant can we see in this picture?

Answer is R-McDonald’sT

Question 5) Who is being depicted on this US dollar bill?

Answer is R-Benjamin FranklinT


17 February 2021

Prize – 10,000

Question 1) Which Of These Cricketers Has Scored A Hundred, Each Of The 3 Times In Test Cricket That He Crossed 50 Runs?

Answer is R-Fawad AlamT

Question 2) Which Of This Is A Recently Released Book By Ramachandra Guha?

Answer is R-The Commonwealth Of CricketT

Question 3) Apple, Amazon And Google Have Recently Suspended Which Social Networking App?

Answer is R-ParlerT

Question 4) This Tourist Attraction Is Situated On The South Bank Of Which River In London?

Answer is R-ThamesT

Question 5) This Geometric Shape Is Generally Used For Which Traffic Sign?

Answer is R-Stop SignT

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